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2010-09-10 08:42:30 by the-new-laconic

Meh, pulled two all-nighters in a row to finish the latest pic.
Mmm... now for sleep.

Mutha Fuckin, ding!

2010-06-16 19:09:11 by the-new-laconic

Just hit level 80 on WoW with my rogue...
Oh yes, I have reached epic nerd-dom. :P

Sweet balls of fire!! :D

2010-06-10 11:32:49 by the-new-laconic

Yesterday I went to a life drawing session at a gallery downtown and one of the members of the gallery saw my stuff and invited me to show my art there! I've got to fill out the application and get my portfolio all sorted, but I'm finally going to get my work shown in a gallery!
It's the "New Zone Gallery" in downtown Eugene- which is featured in Eugene's Friday Art Walk. So, every Friday there's going to be a whole bunch of people who walk through and see my stuff! I'm so excited! I've only been in Eugene for a week and a half and I'm already getting to do what I always wanted to do while I was living in Seatlle. I'm so glad I moved down here! :D
My stuff wont be up for a couple weeks, but if you live in the area be sure to check out the gallery. There is a life drawing session every Wednesday, maybe you could get invited to show your art, too. :)

No internets!

2010-05-30 16:02:23 by the-new-laconic

Just moved into our new place on Thursday and our internet is not hooked up yet. :(
So, pardon the long pause between pics- I have a bunch of unpacking to do! D:

busy, busy, busy...

2010-05-09 14:54:56 by the-new-laconic

Tryin to work on some new art...
But it's a little difficult right now, we're in the process of finding an apartment/house to move into before the end of the month; and pack up our stuff into boxes, too.
Ah! D:

Hello, Newgrounds!

2010-04-25 21:05:53 by the-new-laconic

Hello everyone!
I've always loved newgrounds for games, but just figured out about the Art Portal not too long ago.
It seems artists get a lot more exposure here than deviantArt, so I am switching to NG to see how the Portal treats me here.
Btw, thanks to everyone who has helped me out so far!
> Felis for scouting me, and...
> Kinsei01 for his words of wisdom
Thanks guys :)